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Oxygen botanical spa tech
The oxygen botanical spa tech / collagen infusion treatment:
The therapy involves 4 steps, and the method is: peeling/ microdermabration, collagen agent infusion, oxygen infusion, oxygen bell. Treatment duration is 60 minutes.
During the treatment the wrinkles will fill up, the skin on the face will become smooth, flexible, and tighter, it will block the development of further blemishes and treat the existing ones.
The hydration of the skin will increase by 40-50 after a oxygen therapy treatment, increases the tissues’ regeneration and blood flow, helps with the cell metabolism, which will slow down the skin’s aging process.
In the Beauty and Balance studio, you are able to try the 4 step face rejuvenations therapy, the therapy  with famous stars are using, and you skin will be radiant. The first step is the peeling designed for your skin type or microdermabration, with this the we will remove the dead skin from the top layer of your skin, so the skin becomes more soft and bright and will be ready to receive the agents in the next step. In the next stage, we will use a compressed air pistol which will penetrate collagen into the deeper layers of the skin, achieving tight and flexible structure. Then the oxygen infusion spray will massage the skin, while the clean oxygen enters the skin and advances the structure. The last step is the oxygen bell, where the patient will breath in fresh oxygen which not only beneficial for the face, but for the entire body, relieving the stress and tensions.
This 4 steps face rejuvenations therapy not only good for getting rid of your wrinkles, it will make your skin rehydrated, making the blemishes and acnes disappear, the scars will fade. Your face will look brighter and healthier.

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