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Q Switch ND YAG laser technology

Gain your youth back with the power of the laser!

We are able to renew your skin and reduce the deepness of the acne scaring just with 4 treatments.

How can we do this with the Q connected YAG laser?

The Q connected laser will give out high energy impulses for short period of time during each treatment. It’s working based on the principle of the photo thermolysis, so the laser light will only absorb in the targeted materials. During the Q connected YAG rejuvenation treatment, we apply micro grain carbon particles onto the face. After the laser light will go through the special treatment head. As an impact of the treatment, the skin will undergo a rejuvenation process, while the carbon particles will penetrate into the pores thanks to the heat created by laser energy. With this treatment, we can reduce the production of the sebum, the open pores will shrink, the collagen production increases. As the pores will shrink, the skin will be less shiny. The treatment is completely pain free, there is no need for general anaesthetic, and after the 4th treatment you can expect evident results.

Suitable for:

Reducing the size of pores

Removing wrinkles

Improving skin tone

Homogenise the skin

Improve the flexibility of the skin

Acne treatment

Reducing the sebum production

Stimulation of the collagen production


Fast results

No recovery period

No pain

No side effects

Not suitable:

During pregnancy and breastfeeding

Susceptibility for keloid scaring

Retinoid therapy 6 month prior the treatment

Allergic reason

Tanned skin

The process of the treatment:

Cleaning the area

Application of carbon containing gel

Laser treatment


What to do before the treatment?

Avoid sunbathing and use of solarium, sun beds 2 weeks prior, Dont apply fake tan on the skin 1 week before.

There is no need for anaesthetics as the treatment is pain free, and last about 15-20.

What to do after the treatment?

Avoid using of sun lotion, direct sunlight while sunbathing, going to solarium for 3 months after the treatment, and avoid sauna for 2 weeks!

Possible side effects of the Q laser treatments

Very rate and mild side effect can occur on dark skin, after treatment the skin can become lighter for a few weeks.

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