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Scarless RF microneedling treatment

New revolutionary non surgical treatment!

After a certain age, it doesn’t matter how trendy we are, or how beautiful our hair is, we will get wrinkles, this is the sign of aging. It doesn’t matter if our figure is immaculate and perfect, like a top model, we can’t erase the signs of the time from our face. Often the traditional cosmetic treatments don’t help anymore and the surgical processes, mezotherapy or the dermaroller proves little result.

Lot of people will start thinking about plastic surgery or wrinkles filling, but these will only treat the symptoms, but won’t cure the wrinkles. If the surgery is done incorrectly, it can cause permanent deformity and you can lose features. Lots of people feel unsafe about plastic surgery; they don’t like the idea of having injected a foreign material into their face. Hollywood stars are using the non surgical treatments as the plastic surgery would change their appearance, mimics, structure of their face. We can say the same about the botox and filing treatments. Number of stars overseas and in Europe as well are voting next to the RF microneedling, Angelina Jolie is proudly declares that her skin is beautiful due to this therapy. Her husband Bad Pitt told during interviews that you can lose 10 years thanks to this treatment and he is over 50 years old now. Lifting and tightening 2in1!

This revolutionary new laser technology treatment is working on lower temperature comparing with other similar therapies, this will allow the contours of the face to become tighter, no matter what time of the year, quickly, pain-free. Like other microneedling, this treatment will create needling on the skin as well, similar like the dermaroller effect and it’s complemented with radiofrequency. The needles are behaving as tiny electrodes and are able to transfer the radiofrequency deep into the tissues. The RF will work their maximum effect deep into their tissues, while minimal impact to the top layer of the epidermis. It might cause minimal surface It might cause minimal surface injuries while restoring the facial skin’s flexibility and density. Straight after the first treatment you can see noticeable results, but for long term results, you will need to repeat the therapy.

Schedule of the treatment:

Face and treatment area cleansing (peeling)

Anaesthetic cream application

Sterilising the area

RF Microneedling

Medical grade serum application to the problematic area with needle free mezotherapy.

For finishing, smoothing, hydration and UV protection

The patient before the first treatment and one day after:

The patient 1 week after the 2nd treatment:

The treatment is excellent for skin tightening on the following areas:

Face, eyelid, cleavage, saggy skin on upper arm

Thighs, tummy, around knee, skin on hips and back.

We recommend the treatment for:

Increasing the volume of the skin’s connective tissue

If you have oily skin and dilated pores

If the eyebrow and eyelid skin need tightening

If the surface of the skin is uneven

If you want to fade the blemishes

Make acne scars fade

The treatment starts after anaesthetic and is about 20-40 minutes long, depending on the size of the treatment area.

The newest trend in 2015 in the fields of skin tightening and treating wrinkles, the HIFU treatment.
Hollywood starts are choosing this method to preserve their beauty!
Look younger by years during a very short period of time!
High intensity micro focused ultrasound therapy!
Now the first non surgical lifting treatment, the HIFU – UltraAge micro focused ultrasound therapy is also available in the Beauty and Balance Studio!  The HIFU (high intensity Focused Ultrasound) is the 2nd most popular breast enlargement treatment in the USA. 95% of the patients are pleased with the results.
After the treatment
The HIFU Ultra Age treatment is done by the lead cosmetic practitioner in our salon, who is certified to carry out this special treatment. We can guarantee to give you the area specified shot number!
Are you feeling uncomfortable because of your saggy skin?
Do you want to regain your old tight and flexible skin?
Would you like to see yourself looking younger in the mirror?
Do you have only time for one treatment and terrified of plastic surgery?
If your answer is yes, this is the right treatment for you!
This is a revolutionary technology; the machine is using micro focused ultrasound which will make the skin tight with only one treatment! The treatment is virtually pain free.

Areas suitable for treatment:
Around the eyes appr 250-270 shots
Full face appr 550-600 shots
Neck and chin appr 200-230 shots
Cleavage appr 200-250 shots
Body treatments

Areas for treatment:
Please bear in mind, before choosing a salon to undergo this treatment, make sure you are guaranteed that they will give you the correct number of shots, right for the treatment area, as otherwise you can’t achieve the perfect result.
On average the treatment is max 1-2 hours depending on the treatment area’s size and condition of the skin. 90% of the time, one treatment will be sufficient to achieve the desired results. Before the treatment starts, we carry out a consultation with the patients, where we can discuss the aims and possible results and further actions.
Steps of the treatment:
1. preparation for the treatment: cleaning the face, toning and sterilising
2. mapping the face and drawing up the lines for the treatment (with non permanent pencil)
3. Application of a special ultrasound gel
4. Stimulation of the different layers of the skin alongside of the pre marked grid map (muscle-skin meeting point 4,5 mm, fine wrinkles 3 or 1,5 mm depth)
With the focused energy, we are able to target the unwanted wrinkles with accuracy of one tenth of a millimetre. By each shot, the friction is generating heat, 65-67 C and creating micro injuries, which will restart the collagen production in the cells. As a non-invasing process, the surface of the skin will be enacted. The treatment will start the self-healing processes in the body, within 8-10 weeks you will be able to see younger looking you in the mirror.

Thermage II treatment

What is the Thermage II treatment?

The American Thermage II is a medical, plastic surgical procedure machine, operated with RF technology, which can be used in the cosmetics industry, creating tight skin and improving the body contour safely in a clinically proven environment. The machine will stimulate the body’s mechanism for collagen production which will improve the skin tone, contour and structure. The Thermage II is 100% non-invasive. No scalpel, no injections, no complications. During the treatment, the instrument will tighten the existing collagen and stimulate further the production of it, due to this, the result is moderately visible straight away and long term as well for 6 month after the treatment, it will be progressively better. The result will be visible for years.

The treatment will last between 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the treatment areas and numbers, one area is usually about 30 minutes. Why it’s more? No regeneration time, you can continue with your everyday activities straight after the session. In contrast with the lasers, this treatment can be used on all skin type and colour. No dependency on the seasons, as with the laser therapies, the Thermage II can be applied winter, summer, all seasons. The main difference with the fillers (which will only get rid of the wrinkles) is that this treatment will focus on the entire area, and can cure e.g. the whole forehead, face, eyelids, tummy, hands…etc. It’s worth pointing out, that this treatment can be used not only on the face, eyelids, neck area, but on the full body. We can tighten the skin on the cleavage, upper arm, breast, tummy, thighs, knees..etc.

How is the Thermage II working?

If we want to get to know the working mechanisms of the Thermage II machine, we will need to study the structure of the skin a bit more. Our skin has 3 layers. The outer layer is the epidermis, the middle layer is the dermis, which is a collagen rich area, and the deepest layer which will have the fat tissues and collagen fibre webs, the subcutis. If the number of the collagen fibres drops in these 3 layers, due to high sun exposure, geneticfactors or normal aging process, our facial skin will became saggy and wrinkly. Thetreatments targeting only the top layer won’t be able to affect the collagen production.

The Thermage II is the only non-invasive method which will tighten the skin and rejuvenate it in all 3 layers, while increasing the collagen production. How? By applying a capacitive radiofrequency technology (monopolar technique) and this will reach out to the deepest collagen fibres. This will create and immediate tightening effect alongside with skin rejuvenation, helping to improve the structure of the skin. The new collagen production will help the skin renew itself which can take up to 4-6 months after the treatment.

The treatment can be used on all skin type and colour. You will need to repeat the treatment 3-6 times depending on the individual needs. No regeneration time, you can go back to work straight away.

The Thermage II therapy

We can achieve the best result with 35-60 old people. If someone is older or the skin is extremely saggy, the treatment won’t give as visible results. During the treatment you can experience mild hot sensation, while the radio frequency is working in the deeper layers of the skin. This sensations means that the created energy will stimulate the collagen and the skin becomes tighter. After the treatment the skin can become red for 1-2 days, although most people don’t experience this, and they go back to their everyday activities. Immediate results: You can see and feel that your skin on the treatment area will become smoother and the contour of the area will the more beautiful and harmonic. Long term results: Few months after the treatment, you can still feel the results. The skin will generate more collagen which will transform the skin smoother. This process will last about 6 months.

Oxygen botanical spa tech
The oxygen botanical spa tech / collagen infusion treatment:
The therapy involves 4 steps, and the method is: peeling/ microdermabration, collagen agent infusion, oxygen infusion, oxygen bell. Treatment duration is 60 minutes.
During the treatment the wrinkles will fill up, the skin on the face will become smooth, flexible, and tighter, it will block the development of further blemishes and treat the existing ones.
The hydration of the skin will increase by 40-50 after a oxygen therapy treatment, increases the tissues’ regeneration and blood flow, helps with the cell metabolism, which will slow down the skin’s aging process.
In the Beauty and Balance studio, you are able to try the 4 step face rejuvenations therapy, the therapy  with famous stars are using, and you skin will be radiant. The first step is the peeling designed for your skin type or microdermabration, with this the we will remove the dead skin from the top layer of your skin, so the skin becomes more soft and bright and will be ready to receive the agents in the next step. In the next stage, we will use a compressed air pistol which will penetrate collagen into the deeper layers of the skin, achieving tight and flexible structure. Then the oxygen infusion spray will massage the skin, while the clean oxygen enters the skin and advances the structure. The last step is the oxygen bell, where the patient will breath in fresh oxygen which not only beneficial for the face, but for the entire body, relieving the stress and tensions.
This 4 steps face rejuvenations therapy not only good for getting rid of your wrinkles, it will make your skin rehydrated, making the blemishes and acnes disappear, the scars will fade. Your face will look brighter and healthier.

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