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Cryolipolysis (fat freezing)

The cryolipolysis is a non-surgical treatment, which is pain free and can get rid of easily and effectively the unwanted fat layers from the areas, which are resistant to the diet and exercise. With the cryolipolysis, the patient can experience great results on the problematic areas and the body contour will come smooth. The fat cells targeted with the developed cryolipolysis technology (or known as lipycriolysis, fat freezing) will cool down and this will break down the fat, leaving the surrounding tissues untouched. The fat cells are not as resistant to the cold then the other tissues near, so we can create a selective cell death without damaging other soft tissue.  

"Cryo-lipolysis is based on the fact that fatty tissues are much more susceptible to energy deprivation than other tissues around them. The frozen fat cells go through apoptosis (programmed cell death) and get eliminated slowly reducing the fatty tissue layer" says Prof. Gerhard Sattler MD, the founder of Rosenpark Clinic in Germany.

Schedule of the treatment:

The treatment head placed onto the skin will cool down the targeted fat cell between a range of 10 Celsius and – 10 Celsius and the natural fat burning process will start. The built in vacuum in the treatment head will draw the fat layer in the direction of the cooling panels.

The application of the treatment head takes about 30 minutes and we are able to treat the size of 2 treatment heads per session. You will need to repeat the treatments monthly if you want to achieve the desired result. Approx. 2-5 treatment is sufficient to achieve results depending on the thickness of the fat layer. The fat cell will be discarded via natural path and it’s a continuous process, the final result will be achievable within 2-4 months.

The cryolipolysis fat burning technology is the leading treatment in America, Canada, Europe and other international markets as an alternative treatment for liposuction. Numerous clinical trials proved the effectiveness and safeness of this program.


Safe and natural

No need for diet

Clinically proven results

No long term side effects

Only a few sessions required.

Visible results even on the arms.

Excluding factors:

Liver disorders

Raynaud syndrome

Serious nettle rash (Chronic Cold urticaria)  

Cryoglobulinemia (precipitation of white blood cells, Leukoagglutination)

Circulation problems

Low protein levels in the blood Hypoproteinemia

Cold haemoglobinuria (when the bloodcells fall apart due to cold conditions)

Serious frost-bite

Serious case of diabetes

Under 18

Damaged, unhealthy skin surface

Pregnancy and breastfeeding


Tumorous illnesses, cancer


The cryolipolysis is treating the smaller fat layers better, and then losing the entire fat layer from the area. Example: we don’t recommend treating the entire arm, only the small bulging areas. The clinical trials proved that people with medium sized fat layer will react to the treatment the best.

It’s important to point out, the cryolopilysis won’t result in weight loss what you can measure in kgs. (only 30-40 % of the patients experienced negative weigh change) The result of the cryolipolysis treatment will be visible 2-4 month after the sessions and 6 month after the therapy the fat destruction can still happen in the target area. Although the results are not as visible as after a liposuction, with our treatment you can avoid

the pain, the side effects and the long recovery period. Majority of the patients who went through this treatment are very satisfied with the results and are enjoying the natural and slimmer appearance. Although there aren’t any long term studies, but we know that the long term results of the cryolipolysis can compete with the liposuction.

To increase the effect of the treatment and aftercare:

After the treatment, you can experience a smooth and gentle massage which will help to overcome the effe HIFU-Bodyshape


After the Ultreatherapy and Ultrashape, finally the HIFU BODYSHAPE arrived to Hungary, uniquely only at the Beauty & Balance Studio. The machine is working with HIGH INTERSITY FOCUSED ULTRASOUND technology.
The HIFU BODYSHAPE (HBS) is a revolutionary new treatment in body shaping. This is an amazing machine with high energy focused ultrasound, same as its little brother the HIFU FACELIFT.
The HIFU BODYSHAPE is a permanent, non-invasive body shaping treatment, alternative therapy for ZSIRLESZIVAS, without surgery, blade, injection or aesthetic. This alternative treatment is suitable for patients who don’t want to go through the surgical process or doesn’t want to take the risk, pain and long recovery period which would follow an invasive procedure.
The vertical pulsation focused ultrasound complimented with vacuum can destroy the immediately the fat cells, and provide long term results, breaks up fat cells and make the skin smooth. Comfortable, non-invasive treatment with no recovery period, which will can get rid of the fat build up and result a drop in dress size in the problematic areas like tummy, hips and inner and other part of the thighs.
Focused ultrasound: the ultrasound is only targeting the fat cells in the connective tissues with specific depth and on specified areas.
Pulsation ultrasound: in the epicentre and in the surrounding areas the temperature won’t rise (no more than 0.5°C)
Selective mechanic- acoustic energy: only attacks the fat cells, the skin, the blood vessels, the nerves and other parts of the connective tissues will be intact, will be untouched.

Suitable for:
Permanent distraction of fat cells
Body sculpting
Cellulites therapy
Skin tightening
Natural fat removal process

The HIFU BODYSHAPE system was designed to destroy and break up the walls of the fat cells, and abolish them permanently.
Due to the specially designed head, the intensive ultrasound waves can create a concentrated energy which can penetrate the fat tissues 15 mm deep and form a mechanic effect. The liquidised fat (triglycerides) and the leftover of the smashed fat cell can leave the body during the natural physiological course, during the metabolism process; firstly they will enter the fluid between the connective tissues, then they will travel through to the circulation system, then the lymph system will transport them into the liver. The liver won’t differentiate between the fats coming from the food or coming from the smashed fat cell, the metabolism will take care them all. The broken up fat cells will leave the body through the natural paths and the phagocytes will help this process.

Advantages of the HIFU BODYSHAPE:
Non-invasive (non-surgical) solution for long term and visible results
Reducing dress size and fat tissue thickness, the treatment area will be smooth.
Selective and safe method, which only targets the fat tissues and only damages and dissolves them, leaving other tissues, blood vessels, nerves intact.
The liquidised fat cell will leave the body during the natural physiological course, during the metabolism process.
After one treatment you can lose 2 cm, which is a permanent result.
After further treatments you can lose auxiliary centimetres.
The therapy will include 3 sessions, 3 weeks between each session, and a further treatment 2 months after the basic 3 sessions. This 4 sessions will attack the thickness of the fat tissues and by finishing the course of treatment, you can lose 3-8 cm overall from your body.
Between 20-65 years old ladies and gentlemen can experience long term and brilliant results on their tummy, thighs and hips. We can treat the best if the thickness of the fat tissues is in the 2-8 cm intervals, and the BMI is no greater than 27.
Most of the patients won’t experience discomfort or pain during or after the treatment.
As the treatment is pain free, there is no need for local anaesthetic, or after treatment pain relief, aftercare. Only side effects are redness on the skin and mild burning sensation, which will fade a few hours after the session.
The patients can carry on the normal everyday activities straight after the treatment.
The difference between the HIFU BODYSHAPE and cavitation ultrasound is that the HIFU BODYSHAPE ‘s treatment head can provide permanent focused energy into the specifically targeted areas and points of the tissues, while the energy created by the cavitation ultrasound will spread within the tissues causing warm sensation everywhere.
The schedule of the treatment
Before the treatment the patients will go through a screening, and during this consultation the practitioner will measure and mark the treatment areas. The duration of the treatment is depend on the measurements (average 60-90 minutes)
After the session it’s advised to drink 2-3 litres of liquids. It’s important to keep a low fat, high in fibre diet and regular excursive (3 times a week) as these will promote achieving the desired results. The following other treatments can be beneficial as a complimentary sessions: ALPHA LED OXY SPA, HYPOXY/VIBRO TRAINER, WAVE MASSAGE, combining the above with the HIFU therapy can increase the result in the fields of skin tightening, detox, stimulation of the lymph circulation and body sculpting.

The treatment is not recommended:
The fat tissue is thinner than 1.5 cm, the treatment if technically not recommended.
If you suffering with the following conditions: serious fat metabolism problems, blood clotting disorders,  liver diseases, immune and connective tissues abnormality, aorta aneurism, foreign body, heart beat regulators (Pacemaker), pregnancy and breastfeeding
Regular use of Aspirin (patients must stop taking the drug during the whole duration of the treatment)

These herbal capsules are used Worldwide in the medicinal and cosmetic fields for treatments. It works well for treating neurological, dermatological, rheumatologic problems, can be used for weight loss with minimal impact on the diet. It has amazing ability to detox the body; it’s capable of raising the temperate inside the body to 80 degree. The Alphaled Oxy2 massage treatment, the patients can lose significant weight (4-12 kg per treatment). It’s clinically proven that the machine is able to achieve the following results: by using the Alpha LED Oxy for 35-40 minutes a day on high intensity, the calorie intake increased by 33% from 2218kcal to 3042 kcal and was able to burn 824 kcal per day. But the machine is beneficial for lot more.
With the aid of the ion, light, oxygen and aroma therapy blend can help increase the cells’ oxygen supply, the body’s resistance against illnesses, reduce the depression and this oxygen bath will transform the body, help slow down the skin’s aging process, while a new skin layer will form. All in all, the Alphaled Oxy is not only beneficial for your skin and weight loss, it’s valuable for your entire body.
The sensor operated machine will create an artificial, ionised deep heat therapy environment, and complimenting this with the sound, light and aromatherapies and vibration massage, this is form a special Alpha relaxation treatment. The body and face will go through a wonderful oxygen bath; the machine’s 5 litre tank generates the medical grade oxygen. The light therapy is known Worldwide, lot of people are using the medicinal lamps to treat different conditions. The machine at Beauty & Balance Studio is working with a 1080 piece LED light head, which is able to penetrate the entire body (1-8 mm deep) and provide light and colour therapy.

 Body wrap 

The body wrap will help you resolve the problems with your figure, it will break down the built up fat, help you lose dress sizes and it will make your skin tight and younger looking, will get rid of the cellulites. We will apply a nutrition rich cream for the treatment area by massaging it, and then we will wrap it around with foil to create an airtight environment. We will leave it warm for 20-40 minutes and the treatment will finish.

Cellulites are not only a problem in the cosmetics industry. If the fat cells build up in high numbers, they can put pressure to the surrounding nerves and micro blood vessels. The massage movements can be unpleasant for people suffering with cellulites, the cellulites tissues are lacking oxygen, which will result in decreased metabolism and build-up of toxins. These toxin build-up fat cells can create pressure on the blood vessels and on the lymph channels. This will depress the area and could become painful when pressure applied. We recommend the body wrap to the people with the above problems. This treatment is very similar to the lymph massage; the liquids in the tissues will be transported into the lymph system.

It’s recommended to have 10 sessions, then reminder sessions weekly. For the successful treatment it’s essential to drink plenty of water (still mineral water) and can be beneficial to use infra sauna / or sessions with our Alpha LED Oxy Spa treatment.

Come and try it out!  

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